Kids Camp

Kids Camp

UPDATED COVID PROTOCOL FOR KIDS CAMP.  Our goal for Camp BRAVE is for everyone to have an encounter with the Lord and to feel safe (as possible) in so doing. Some of you are already aware that there were some students that tested positive for COVID after returning from youth camp this year, therefore, we are updating our COVID protocol for Kid’s Camp. The District Leadership and Presbytery have decided on the following precautionary measures, some of which were already in place. 

The District Leadership and the Presbytery have decided on the following precautionary measures:

-we will use a disinfecting fog machine in each building, each day when not in use by the campers.

-dining hall and pop stand workers will wear masks and gloves while serving food.

-medical personnel will wear masks and gloves when dealing with campers and staff.

-hand sanitizer will be given to every leader

– life jackets and equipment will be sanitized between camps.

-we are spreading out in the dorms as much as possible

– camp workers/staff (paid and volunteer) who are working consecutive camps will be given a “rapid” test for COVID weekly.

-we ask each church to download the PRE-CAMP COVID PROCEDURES form below on this camp page. This contains 3 separate pages. The first is the actual checklist of things to do BEFORE leaving for camp. The second page is a form that parents/guardians fill out in regards to their camper and COVID. The third page is a temperature check form. Please make sure that all three pages are complete BEFORE leaving for camp. BRING THESE WITH YOU TO CAMP.

Please note: Although we will do our very best, we cannot guarantee that campers and staff from your church will not be exposed to the virus while at camp. We are asking each church, pastor, and parent to make the best decision for themselves. You must assume the risk, just as you would going to the store, restaurant, or even your own church. If anyone feels uncomfortable about these guidelines, we are asking that you stay home this year. We totally understand and support your decision. Also, if campers or staff have symptoms of COVID, or have been exposed to someone with COVID within 14 days of your camp date, we are asking that they PLEASE stay home this year. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.