Financial Responsibility

1. General Council

The work of the General Council of the Assemblies of God, in its program of developing the spirit of cooperation and fellowship in home and foreign fields, incurs considerable expense, including the financial support of the national offices. The required minimum is:

· Ordained – $25.00 monthly or $300.00 yearly
· License to Preach – $20.00 monthly or $240.00 yearly
· Certified – $10.00 monthly or $120.00 yearly
· Senior Retired – free-will basis

Compliance with these requirements will be a prerequisite for renewal of credentials of all ministers. If their contributions are in arrears, they shall be given an opportunity to meet their obligations when they renew.

2.  Southern Missouri District 

Minister’s dues for all credentialed ministers (Certified, Licensed, and Ordained) shall be 50% of all tithes (Ministerial and secular) and $10 per month for the Ministers Benevolent Fund program. Failure to fulfill one’s financial responsibility to the Southern Missouri District will result in a minister’s credential not renewing until the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of the Southern Missouri District Credentials Committee.