Full Calendar

2020 District Calendar


November 2020

1Missions Sunday
6-7Men’s Rep Meeting
12Refresh Core Team Meeting
20-21Youth Convention
26-27Thanksgiving (District Office Closed)

December 2020

3-5Missionary Retreat
4-5Royal Ranger Commander & Spouse Retreat
4-5Acts 2 Joplin & Bolivar Cohort #3
6Missions Sunday
23-29Christmas Holiday (District Office Closed)
31Ministerial Credentials Renewal Deadline
WM Christmas Project Sectional Events

2020 General Council EP Dates

Jan 27-28Mar 24-25Jun 2-3Sep 22-23Nov 1-11

2021 District Calendar

January 2021

1New Year’s (District Office Closed
3Missions Sunday
9FCF Executive Committee Meeting
10Refresh Connect Groups – Session #1 Begins
14-16Kidmin Connect Children’s Leaders Getaway
15-16Acts 2 Joplin/Bolivar #4
21Refresh Core Team Meeting
22-23Acts 2 Cohort A #1
28Refresh Orientation Luncheon
28-29Presbyters Meeting
31Men’s Ministries/Light for the Lost Sunday
31ACMR Deadline

“Day of Prayer” WM Sectional Events

February 2021

5Girls Ministries Team Meeting
5-6Man Tour
6School of Ministry
7Missions Sunday
11-13Unite Conference
16-24Sectional Council Tour
19-20Man Tour
26-27Man Tour
28National Women’s Ministries Day

March 2021

5District KIDMIN Forum
6Girls Ministries Spring Tour
6School of Ministry
7Missions Sunday
7National BGMC Day
11-13National Royal Ranger Conference
12Church Planting “Interest Gathering”
13Fine Arts Festival
15-16Spring CE Reps Meeting
18-20Refresh Ministry Women Breakaway
18-20PK Retreat
19-20District JBQ Tourney
22, 23, 25District LFTL Tour
26-27Camp Prayer Intercession

April 2021

2Good Friday
3School of Ministry
4Missions Sunday
9Church Planting “Interest Gathering”
9-10Empowered Women’s Conference
9-10Royal Rangers Leaders Conference
16-17Acts 2 Cohort A #2

May 2021

1School of Ministry
2Missions Sunday
4-8Ranger Work Week
7-8You & Me Retreat
9Mothers’ Day
20-2250 Plus Camp Meeting
21-22Acts 2 Cohort B #1
21-23FCF Spring Outing/Frontier Adventure
28-29Pre Pow Wow Camp Set-up
31Memorial Day (Office Closed)

June 2021

2-5Youth Camp #1
3-6Royal Ranger Pow Wow
5School of Ministry
6Missions Sunday
7-11Youth Camp #2
14-18Youth Camp #3
17Refresh Core Team Meeting
17Refresh Orientation Luncheon
17-18Presbyters’ Meeting
20National Men’s Ministry Day/Fathers’ Day
21-25Youth Camp #4
24-26Royal Ranger Backpacking Adventure & Action Camp