Full Calendar

2022 District Calendar

January 2022

1New Year’s Day
9Refresh 12 Week Online Book Study
13-15Kidmin Connect Leadership Getaway
14-15Acts 2 Journey
20-21District Presbyter Meeting
21-22Acts 2 Journey
30Light for the Lost Sunday
31ACMR Deadline

February 2022

4-5Man Tour
5School of Ministry
10 Refresh Online Professional Development
10-12Unite Youth Leaders Conference
18-19Man Tour
22-25, 28Sectional Council Tour
25-26Man Tour
27National Women’s Ministry Day

March 2022

1-4Sectional Council Tour
4Kidmin Forum
5School of Ministry
5Girls Ministries Spring Tour
10Taking Care of Business Conference
12Fine Arts Festival
13National BGMC Day
14-16National AG NextGen Conference (Orlando, FL)
18-19Refresh Ministry Women’s Breakaway
18-19Junior Bible Quiz Tourney
21-22CE Reps Meeting
21-22, 24Light For The Lost Tour
25-26Camp Intercession Prayer
27Divisional Ranger Derbies

April 2022

2School of Ministry
7-8Youth Reps Meeting
8-9Royal Ranger District Leadership Conference
8-9Empowered Women’s Conference
15Good Friday (Office Closed)
22-23Acts 2 Journey
24National Youth Ministries Day
25Momentum Conference
25-27District Council
28District Presbyters Meeting
29-30Mother/Daughter Retreat

May 2022

7School of Ministry
8Mother’s Day
19-2150+ Camp Meeting
20-21Acts 2 Journey
20-22Royal Ranger FCF Frontier Adventure
30Memorial Day (Office Closed)

June 2022

1-4Youth Camp Week #1
4School of Ministry
5Pentecost Sunday
6-10Youth Camp Week #2
9-12Royal Ranger District Pow Wow
13-17Youth Camp Week #3
16-17District Presbyters Meeting
19National Men’s Ministry Day
19Father’s Day
20-24Youth Camp Week #4
24-26Royal Ranger Canoe Action & Adventure Camp
27-July1Kids Camp Week #1 (SW)
27-July 3Royal Ranger Junior Leader Training Academy
WM Compassionate Heart Section Rallies

July 2022

4Independence Day (Office Closed)
7Refresh Online Event
9School of Ministry
9Women and Girl’s Leadership Training
10-15Royal Rangers Camporama
11-15Kids Camp Week #2 (NW)
14Refresh Online Event
18-22Kids Camp Week #3 (SE)
25-29Kids Camp Week #4 (NE)
29-30Acts 2 Journey
29-30Royal Ranger Cardboard Boat Regatta

August 2022

13School of Ministry
15-16Men’s Rep Meeting
18-19District Presbyters Meeting
26Kidmin Forum
26Engage the Campus #1
26-27Acts 2 Journey
27Engage the Campus #2
27SW Division Ranger Kids Day Camp
28Refresh 12 Week Online Book Study

September 2022

2Engage the Campus #3
3Engage the Campus #4
5Labor Day (District Office Closed)
5-11Girls Ministry Week
8-10Women’s Fall Retreat (East)
10School of Ministry
12-13CE Reps Meeting
15-17Women’s Fall Retreat (West)
17-2450+ Bus Trip
16-18Royal Rangers District FCF Fall Trace
23-25Men’s Retreat/Summit
29-October 1Missions at the Lake

October 2022

Pastors’ Appreciation Month

1Missions at the Lake
8School of Ministry
8Girls Ministry Pure Girl Celebration
8Discipleship Training
16Speed the Light Day
17-19District Ministers Renewal
19-21District Presbyters Retreat
21-22Acts 2 Journey
23National Children’s Ministries Day
Compelled by Compassion Sectional Tour

November 2022

4-5Men’s Rep Meeting
5Women’s and Girl’s Department Training
11-12Acts 2 Journey
18-19Youth Convention
24-25Thanksgiving (District Office Closed)
Women’s Section Christmas Projects Events

December 2022

1-3Missionary Retreat
21-27Christmas Holiday (District Office Closed)
31Credential Renewal Deadline