Full Calendar

January 2024

1New Year’s Day – Office Closed
6FCF Committee Meeting (RR)
13Girls Ministries Team Meeting
18Credential Interviews
18-19Presbyters Meeting
18-19Path Meeting (Youth)
19-20Division FCF Winter Outing (RR)
22-23Kids Ministry & Discipleship Reps Meeting
28LFTL Sunday

February 2024

2Disciple Maker Training (@ 180 Church, Joplin)
3Disciple Maker Training (@ Encounter Church, Sedalia)
3School of Ministry
9-10Unite (Youth)
9-10World Class Outpost Seminar (WCO)(RR)
15-17KIDMIN Connect (@ Campground)
17Acts 2 Journey Mentoring Certification
20West Plains & Van Buren Area Conference Tour
21Kennett & Cape Girardeau Area Conference Tour
22Park Hills & St. Louis Area Conference Tour
23Sullivan & Capital City Area Conference Tour
24Acts 2 Journey Mentoring Certification
25National Women’s Ministries Day
26Springfield South & Springfield North Area Conference Tour
27Kansas City & Sedalia Area Conference Tour
29Clinton & Joplin Area Conference Tour

March 2024

1Disciple Maker Training (@ Bluff First, Poplar Bluff)
2Disciple Maker Training (@ Grace Union, St. Louis)
2Girls Ministries Spring Tour
2School of Ministry
7Taking Care of Business (Springfield)
8-9Acts 2 Journey Retreat 1 (Cohort A)
15Leaders Service Award applications Due (RR)
15-16Gulf Region Conference (RR)
18, 19, 21LFTL Celebration Tour
22-23Fine Arts
22-23“You & Me” Mother/Daughter Event
23Divisional Ranger Derby (RR)
29Good Friday – Office Closed

April 2024

4-5Youth Reps Spring Meeting
5Network Executive Committee Meeting (RR)
5-6Network Leaders Conference (RR)
6School of Ministry
12-13Acts 2 Journey- Retreat 1 (Cohort B)
12-13Camp Intercession
12-13Father/Son Camp (RR)
19-20Empowered Conference for all Women
22-24Network Conference – Office Closed
25Presbyters Meeting
26Office Closed

May 2024

1FCF Frontiersman Application Due (RR)
3-4Men’s Summit- @ Eagle Sky
4School of Ministry
9-10Path Meeting (Youth)
9-11Campgrounds Work Week (RR)
10CMN One Day Conference
16-1850 Plus Camp
17-18Acts 2 Journey- Retreat 2 (Cohort A)
17-19FCF Frontier Adventure & Spring Outing (RR)
27Memorial Day – Office Closed
5/29-6/1Youth Camp Week 1

June 2024

5/29-6/1Youth Camp Week 1
1School of Ministry
3Men’s Summit @ Cross Ponte – Registration Opens
3-7Youth Camp Week 2
4-5Campgrounds Workday & Pow-Wow Setup(RR)
6-9Network Pow-Wow
10-14Youth Camp Week 3
13Credential Interviews
13-14Presbyters Meeting
16National Men’s Ministry Day (Father’s Day)
17-22Youth Camp Week 4
20-22Network Backpacking Action & Adventure Camps (RR)
24-28Youth Camp Week 5
26-29Network Junior Leader Training Academy (RR)

July 2024

4Independence Day – Office Closed
7-12FCF National Rendezvous (RR)
8-12Kids Camp Week 1
12-13Called Retreat (Youth)
13School of Ministry
15-19Kids Camp Week 2
19-20Acts 2 Journey- Retreat 2 (Cohort B)
22-26Kids Camp Week 3
26SW Division Staff Meeting (RR)
27Local Church Leadership Training for Women (@ Network Office)
7/29-8/2Kids Camp Week 4

August 2024

7/29-8/2Kids Camp Week 4
2-3Network Cardboard Boat Regatta (RR)
3School Of Ministry
12-13Kids Ministry & Discipleship Reps Meeting
17Engage the Campus
22Credential Interviews
22-23Presbyters Meeting
23-24Acts 2 Journey- Retreat 3 (Cohort A)
24Engage the Campus
29-30Youth Reps Fall Meeting

September 2024

1-7National Girls Ministries Week
2Labor Day – Office Closed
7School of Ministry
7Engage the Campus
12-14Women’s Fall Retreat EAST
13-15Network FCF Fall Trace (RR)
14Engage the Campus
18Women’s National “See You at the Alter” Day
19-21Women’s Fall Retreat WEST
20-28Fall Trip (50+)
21KIDMIN Fun Arts SW (Location TBD)
27-29Men’s Summit @ Cross Pointe
28KIDMIN Fun Arts SE (Location TBD)

October 2024-Pastor Appreciation Month

3-4Path Meeting (Youth)
3-5Missions on the Lake
5Divisional Family Field Days (RR)
5KIDMIN Fun Arts NW (Location TBD)
5Pure Girls Celebration
5School of Ministry
11Girls Ministries Team Meeting
12KIDMIN Fun Arts NE (Location TBD)
12Network Executive Committee Meeting (RR)
14-16Ministers Renewal
16-18Presbyters Meeting Retreat
18-19Acts 2 Journey- Retreat 3 (Cohort B)

November 2024

1-2LFTL & Men’s Rep Meeting
4Credential Renewal Open
8-9Acts 2 Journey- Retreat 4 (Cohort A)
9Local Church Leadership Training for Women (@ Network Office)
9NWM One Day Conference
22-23Youth Convention
28-29Thanksgiving Vacation – Office Closed

December 2024

5-7Missions Retreat
23-27Christmas Vacation – Office Closed
31Credential Renewal Deadline