Network Churches

This section of the network website is devoted to helping you with communicating with your board and the processing of forms for your network-affiliated church. Just click on one of the links below to get started.

Download Forms for Network Churches

It seems I’m having to fill out more forms than before – what is the reason for this and for this online site?

Your network board desires to be accountable to you and the vision God has placed on your heart for the people in your church and community. For this reason, it is critical that we fulfill our fiduciary duties as it relates to finances, insurance, and background checks for workers with minors. We want to help you as the pastor in your ministry by protecting you in these critical areas. These forms are the baseline of disclosure that allows your board to be the covering each pastor needs.

How do I download a form and fill it out, and how do I get the completed form to my board?

Click on the “Download” link to download the form to your computer. Then either fill it out on your computer by using the online fields or print the form and fill it out by hand. If you fill out the form online, save it and email it to If you printed out the form, you can scan the form and email to, or send by mail. The network office will route your form to the appropriate personnel.

Why do I need to send my monthly bank statements to my board?

In order to protect you as the pastor and follow accepted standards for accountability, it is necessary that the bank statements of your church be sent to your network board. This is the same practice that most General Council churches follow, where the bank statement is sent to the church board for accountability purposes.

How do I arrange for my monthly bank statement to be sent to my board?

Your bank will send your monthly bank statements digitally to your district board. After the initial setup of the service, there’s nothing else you have to do. Your presbyter will work with you to set this up.

Why do my children’s and youth workers need to fill out a background check?

It is critical that every worker and volunteer who works with minors (children and youth) be background checked. This is standard practice for every church and is for your protection and the protection of your children and youth. This application is also useful for you in evaluating a new worker.

How do my volunteers fill out a background check form?

Click on the background application link on the DA Pastors webpage. Print out the downloaded document and have the volunteer fill it out. Fax the completed form to 417-883-5924 or mail it to the Network Office and the District will process the application.