Online Registration

You may use this registration option only if you have previously enrolled in School of Ministry 

  •  1. Click on the link below to begin your online registration.
  •  2. Click on the Registrations tab.
  •  3. School of Ministry will be the first event listed, click on the register button.
  •  4. Under “New User”, make sure the “person” option is selected and not the “organization” option.
  •  5. Fill in the information – email address is required to register online.
  •  6. Create a password. 
  •  7. Once you create a password, click the “register” button and go to the next page.
  •  8. Choose the categories that apply to you and click “next”. After the deadline, you should select “late fee”.
  •  9. Please select the course that you need. Shipping is required after the deadline. Continue on to the next page.
  •  10. Select “pay from credit/debit card” and select “finish”.
  •  11. Please enter your payment information. You may use a Visa or Mastercard only. Click “next”. If payment goes through correctly, you will receive a transaction number.
  •  12. This will complete your online registration. 
  •  13. Each time that you need to register for SOM online, visit our website and follow these steps again.