What is the School of Ministry?

It is a learning experience that will help students, ministers and pastors acquire the knowledge necessary for credentialing, to build strong values and character, and to develop the practical skills necessary for successful ministry.  School of Ministry also serves as a tool to further one’s Biblical Education.

How long does it take to complete one level of credentials?

One level of credentials can be completed in one year.

How long does it take to complete each course?

You should finish each course within the month.  It will be necessary to study each day in order to complete the required reading on time. Studying the material in advance of the class is vital to a successful completion of the course.

Where do I go to take my final exam?

This will depend on your location of study.  Final exams will be given at Bethel AG (Cape Girardeau), Evangel Church (Kansas City), First Assembly Church (Saint Peters), Rolla First AG (Rolla) and the Southern Missouri Network Office (Springfield).  

What is Class Day?

Class Day is the specified day set aside for lecture, discussion, fellowship, and testing.  All Class Days will occur on a Saturday.  Each Class Day is mandatory.

Who are the teachers that will be used for the School of Ministry?

Facilitators will be Network officials, Network Presbyters, Senior Pastors, and church leaders from the Missouri area.

How much does each course cost?

$105 per course which does include the reading materials needed.  The internship is $125 which includes the mentor manual.  Students must pay $15 per course to cover shipping expenses. A student can avoid shipping expenses by choosing the ebook option when registering.  

Is there any specific order the courses need to be taken in? 

Yes, we suggest that you follow our course schedule.  It is designed to best meet the educational needs of each student.

When can I get started? 

Registration is open all year.  You can join School of Ministry at any time during the year.  Each Class Day has a specific deadline.  See the Course Schedule for complete details.  Contact the Network Office – 417.881.1316 or www.somoag.org.

When should my assignments be completed? 

All work should be completed by each Class Day date.  Students have the month prior to study for each course.

What is the initial price to register for School of Ministry?

If you have never registered with our School of Ministry, you should pay $155 for ebook registration and $170 to pay shipping fees for a hard copy of the textbook.  

Do you give discounts?

A $10 discount is given to the second family member who enrolls in School of Ministry.

Where can I find more information about becoming credentialed with the Assemblies of God?

You can find more information on the credentialing process on our Resource page.  Click here to learn more.