Single Mom Ministry

Single Mom Ministry


The mission of the Network’s Single Mom Ministry is to equip each individual church to minister to single moms and their children within their community in a way that fits into the mission of the church.

The Need:

8 million homes in the United States are being led by single mothers. This is the fastest-growing family demographic in the country. 2 out of 3 single moms do not attend a local church. Only 1% of Evangelical churches are purposefully reaching out to single moms.

What We Do:

We are here to provide resources and consultation to any church that is interested in reaching single moms and their children. Beyond the initial consultation, training for single mom ministry and help putting outreaches in place is also available.

Getting Started:

Initial consultations can be by phone or video chat, or through email. I am happy to come and talk to any women’s ministry leader, pastor or women’s group about how to minster to single moms. Training can take place at the church or at the annual WM Fall Retreat or Spring Conference.

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