CD Series

“It is God`s will that every church have an effective Senior Adult Ministry!”

With these opening words John Heide tells how every church can start or develop a dynamic ministry to Senior adults in their church and community.

This 3 CD teaching series will give you the information you need.
Topics include:


  • Start a new senior adult program and get everyone in your church involved!
  • Select the best leaders for your group!
  • FIND and WIN senior adults in your community to the Lord!
  • Develop programs to attract seniors to your church and keep them coming back!
  • Network seniors with other ministries in the church!
  • Tap into the Time, Talents, and Treasures of senior adults!
  • Find out what`s working for other senior adult programs around the country!

Series cost: $20.00 which includes handling and shipping costs.

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You will receive an email with instructions on how to download the CD series for 
immediate listening and some printable handouts.

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Help train your present and future leaders to make a difference in their world!