Wednesday Prayer Focus


Dear Partners in Ministry,

Hope you are doing well. It’s once again time for us to join together for prayer interceding that God will help us to fulfill the vision which he has given us.

District Wednesday Prayer Directives

1. This Prayer List purposely does not focus on specific needs of ministers’ families. However, at times I feel it is important for us to remember that we are in a spiritual battle and that many of our ministers are under attack including with physical illness. Pray for a hedge of protection upon ministry families. Pray for victory.

2. Let’s pray for a stirring of churches across our District. Pray that God will bring a holy discomfort that they will no longer be satisfied with the status quo. Pray that God will bring a deep hunger in the hearts of many for a move of His Spirit.

3. Pray that God will help pastors and churches develop strong discipleship ministries in their church. We want people to come to salvation but we also want them to move on to spiritual maturity. We want the lost who are saved to become ones who are bringing other lost to Christ!

4. In the next few weeks, high school students across Southern Missouri will be graduating.  A number are no doubt still determining what God wants them to do from here.  Pray that God will guide them into a deeper place in Him where they will be in intimate relationship with Him and do mighty exploits for Him.  Pray that God will prompt some of them to move into training for Ephesians 4 ministries, to provide a leadership pipeline for our District in the future.

5. Pray that we will see the God Given Great Goal (4G) of 100,000 in attendance on any given Sunday in A/G churches across Southern Missouri by the end of 2020!

Thanks for teaming together in prayer. Meet you at the altar tomorrow!

Great Days Ahead,

Pastor Don