Wednesday Prayer Focus


Dear Partners in Ministry,

In less than three weeks, we will gather at James River Church South Campus for District Council 2019. This annual event is so critical to the life of our District. It provides an opportunity for fellowship, transacting important District Business, rally around common goals and vision, and seek God together. I have sensed for some time that we are going to experience a unique move of God at this Council. Please do all that you can to be present!

District Wednesday Prayer Directives

1. Pray that God will prompt the hearts of ministers to come and be part of both the Council and the Momentum Leadership Conference. (You can register online at You can find out more about Momentum at

2. Pray for a sovereign move of God at District Council this year. Pray that God will challenge us and empower us during our time together.

3.Pray for Momentum Speakers Pastor Dary Northrop and District Superintendent Phil Schneider as they finalize preparations to present at the Conference on Monday, April 8.

4. Several churches are going through pastoral transitions. Please pray that God brings the right leader to help each church effectively reach its community and its world.

5. Several pastors have just begun their ministry in their new assignment. Pray for wisdom from God, favor with the people, and vision to move the church forward.

6. Pray that we will see the God Given Great Goal (4G) of 100,000 in attendance on any given Sunday in A/G churches across Southern Missouri by 2020!

Thanks as always for teaming together in prayer.

Pastor Don