Wednesday Prayer Focus


Dear Partners in Ministry,

We are going to take a slightly different turn on our District Prayer this Wednesday.  Though they may not seem too spiritual, there are two particular elements which radically affect the success or failure of ministers and churches.   They are:  the use of time and the use of finances.  With this in mind, we are going to pray for pastors and churches in this area.  These are foundational.  If we get them right, all other areas can move forward.

District Wednesday Prayer Directives

1. Pray that God will help ministers to learn key principles of time management and apply them to their personal lives.  Pray that they are able to prioritize and not be distracted with things which can rob them of precious time for the important things in life.

2. Pray that God will help minsters to learn key biblical principles of finance and apply them to their own lives and the ministries they lead. Pray that God will help both ministers and churches to get out of debt.

3. Pray that God will rebuke the devourer from the lives of ministers.  Pray that as they follow good stewardship principles, God will pour in blessings they cannot even contain.

4. Pray that pastors and churches will be able to teach their congregations godly principles of giving so that both the churches and the people will open themselves to the blessings of God.

5. Pray that we will see the God Given Great Goal (4G) of 100,000 in attendance on any given Sunday in A/G churches across Southern Missouri by the end of 2020!

Thanks for teaming together in prayer.  Meet you at the altar!

Great Days Ahead,

Pastor Don