Wednesday Prayer Focus


Dear Partners in Ministry,

Last week was amazing as the District Team had the privilege of leading the District Prayer Tour. Six prayer meetings were held across the state in our District Week of Prayer. A total of nearly 1,300 persons gathered to worship and to pray. Several healings were reported. In each service, we sensed the presence of God. Thank you to those who were able to participate. Due to weather, our Saturday night meeting at Grandview New Vision had to be rescheduled to Sunday, January 26 at 6:00 p.m. We believe that the prayers have helped to move us forward toward accomplishing the 4G.

District Wednesday Prayer Directives

1. Pray that the weather cooperates so that we can hold the Grandview Prayer meeting on January 26.

2. Pray that churches will build on the momentum of the Week of Prayer and continue to seek God on a regular basis interceding for their communities and their world.

3. Churches across our District will be holding annual business meetings soon. Pray that God will guide as deacons and other local church leadership is being chosen. The leadership of a church often determines whether a church will move forward or not.

4. Pray for fresh vision in the hearts of pastors for this new year. Pray that as they share this vision with their leadership and congregations, those they lead will buy in and step up to help the church move forward.

5. Pray that we will see the God Given Great Goal (4G) of 100,000 in attendance on any given Sunday in A/G churches across Southern Missouri by 2020!

Thanks for teaming together in prayer. Meet you at the altar tomorrow!

Pastor Don