One of the goals of the Southern Missouri District Missions Department is to encourage and to provide the needed tools for every church in the District to have an annual missions convention.


Reason 1. A missions convention is the most effective method of raising missions awareness in the church.

Reason 2. Jesus commanded us to be actively involved in world evangelization.

  • All four of the Gospels and the book of Acts record Jesus’ intended purpose for the church to evangelize the world.
  • Jesus’ main purpose for coming to earth is for men and women, boys and girls all over the world to have a savior.

Reason 3. The church involved in missions will be blessed.

  • Biblical principles will be set in motion. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33)
  • If we love God we will keep his commandments.

Reason 4. The people in every church need to be involved in world evangelization.

  • Churches with a unified vision have less conflict.
  • Remember the children’s song, “When we all pull together how happy we’ll be…”
  • The missions convention gives the people an opportunity to partner with missionaries in obedience to Jesus.

Reason 5. Missionaries depend upon our having missions conventions.

  • “…and how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent?…” (Romans 10:14-15)
  • The missions convention provides prayer and financial support for missionaries.

Reason 6. A lost and dying world is counting on us….

  • 140,000 people die every day without Christ.
  • Our generation is the only generation to reach our generation.


Step 1. Set a date. Nothing will happen unless a date is set.

  • Plan your convention during the time of year when most of your people will be present.
  • Plan your convention to include a minimum of two Sundays.
  • The pastor should preach missions on the first Sunday.
  • On the first Sunday provide your people with the brochure, “What is a Faith Promise?”

Step 2. Schedule speaker(s).

  • Choose a speaker that will present the total picture of missions.
  • Choose a speaker that is not presenting a special project.
  • Choose a speaker who will educate your people to missions.
  • Choose a speaker who is capable at presenting the faith promise.

Step 3. Utilize your missions committee.

  • Don’t do all the work yourself.
  • Begin planning sessions 6 months prior to the convention
  • Let the committee plan (don’t limit their dreams).

Step 4. Order convention materials from Assemblies of God Missions

Step 5. Plan to involve everyone.

  • Children (parades, costumes, booths, etc.)
  • Youth (skits, human videos, booths, etc.)
  • Adults (decorating, banquets, booths, etc.)

Step 6. Set goals.

  • Larger than previous year.
  • That will require faith.
  • Use faith promise system.
  • Teach about faith promise.

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