Be A Missionary

How to become an Assemblies of God Missionary

1. Listen to God. Not every Christian is called to be a missionary in the technical sense of the word, although every believer is called to be witnesses. The missionary call may come in a variety of ways, but almost always includes a growing concern for the needs on the mission field and definite conviction that God wants you to commit your life to meeting that need. God also gives a witness of the Spirit to other Christians that this is so, as He did in Acts 13:1-3.

2. Share your burden with a godly, trusted friend. See if he or she also senses God’s call on your life. It is not a good idea to spread your feelings far and wide now, for if your timing is premature, you could bring embarrassment to you and your family.

3. Talk with the leaders of your district. In order to be considered for missionary appointment, you must be endorsed by and hold membership (hold credentials in good standing) in an Assemblies of God district. The district leaders will want to become acquainted with you, sense your burden, and review you ministerial experience. The Southern Missouri District requires you to complete an application, provide a credit report, take a Bible knowledge test and appear before a special committee for screening missionary applicants.

4. Write to the Personnel Department of Assemblies of God World Missions(AGWM) or Assemblies of God U.S. Missions(AGUSM).They will provide you more specific details as to qualifications for different types of missionary service.

5. Complete and return the preliminary forms sent to you from AGWM or AGUSM.

6. Attend special interviews, orientation and training.

7. Following approval, you will be required to raise financial and prayer support from friends and congregations.

8. Finally, move to the field of your calling.

9. Is God calling YOU?