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School of Ministry

    If you are enrolling as a NEW STUDENT,

    you must complete and sign the printed registration form


    Online Registration

    You may use this registration option only if you
    have previously enrolled in School of Ministry 


     1. Click on the link below to begin your online registration.

     2. Click on the Registrations tab.

     3. School of Ministry will be the first event listed, click on the register button.

     4. Under "New User", make sure the "person" option is selected and not the "organization" option.

     5. Fill in the information - email address is required to register online.

     6. Create a password. 

     7. Once you create a password, click the "register" button and go to the next page.

     8. Choose the categories that apply to you and click "next". After the deadline, you should select "late fee".

     9. Please select the course that you need. Shipping is required after the deadline. Continue on to the next page.

     10. Select "pay from credit/debit card" and select "finish".

     11. Please enter your payment information. You may use a Visa or Mastercard only. Click "next". If payment goes through correctly, you will receive a transaction number.

     12. This will complete your online registration. 

     13. Please send an email to to confirm your course registration.

     14. Each time that you need to register for SOM online, visit our website and follow these steps again.



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