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"Powder Horn"
Winter Issue 2014
The Daniel Boone Chapter
Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship

President's Report

Here we are getting ready and looking forward to another new year. Some of us met at the campground recently and cut 22 cedar trees to season for the winter to be used for our new platform in the FCF village council fire area. We are looking forward to finishing this up before the next big FCF event so we can enjoy the rewards of our sore muscles. Stay tuned for more projects to be announced to make our camp even better. Merry Christmas to one and all.

 Fred "WW" Lipowicz ~ President


Vice-President's Reports

I would like to thank everyone who helped make the Fall Trace a great event; to the cooks for Friday night's supper, to those who helped run and organize events, to Dan Hitchcock for blessing us with Friday and Saturday night devotions, to Tristan Hubbard all the way from Arkansas for Saturday morning devotion, to PJ for the music and worship time and to Jerry for letting us camp at his farm. I believe a great time was had by all. What a great turnout. I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the Winter Outing.

AND - this year the Winter Outing will be held at 1st Assembly in Bolivar January 23-24. We will have new crafts this year, along with our normal ones; one will be a folding stool. Plan to join us. We will have something for everyone. Good fellowship and good food. Cost is $12.00 which includes a snack Friday night and breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

Frank "Reed" Reed ~ SW FCF VP


The SE/NE Winter Outing will be held at Boss AG Church in Boss, MO on January 23 -24, 2015. The cost will be $10.00 per person. The events are not planned yet but I will send details via the SoMorr Googlegroups. We will have the Assistant Scout testing during this event so if you have any boys that want to hold this position, get them brushed up for the skills testing. As always we will have a silent auction, so please gather the items you would like to donate and bring with you.

 Ted "Choctaw" King ~ SE FCF VP


Winter Outing for NW division will be held at Englewood AG at 10626 E Winner Rd Independence, MO. Cost is $15.00 each and includes Friday night snacks, Saturday breakfast and lunch, a patch, insurance and etc. Plan to arrive around 3:00pm Friday 1/23 and leave about 3:00pm Saturday 1/24. Friday's evening service will begin about 8:30pm. Saturday we will do FCF related projects and crafts. Prices will run from $5.00 - $30.00 depending on what you decide to make. We will supply power tools and expertise - ha, ha. Bring any trade items for show or trade. This event is open to all boys and men from Discovery grade 6 and older. You don't need to be an FCF member to join us for this event. Any questions call me at 816-520-0713. We are looking forward to seeing you all there. Also Merry Christmas to all and God's blessing on you and your family. 

Jerry "Flintlock" Haines ~ NW FCF VP


Company Clerk's Report

We had a great past year and also had a few changes to our Membership roster that affected our membership numbers. In the past years the list with active members meant if anyone showed up every few years and was still alive they were kept on the list. The national FCF office wanted a more precise count, so we voted to change it to active is dues paying members. Anyone that had dues outstanding for 3 years or more was no longer counted as active members. Lifetime memberships are always counted as active. This changed our active list from 600 to 250 active members. I still keep past records on all members but the dues are important to keep up. They help fund the many FCF contributions we give to our Royal Rangers Campground. Keep those dues current to help with all the good stuff we do. If it's been years since you've paid dues take time to invest in your Chapter and be part of the good things we do. Consider buying a lifetime membership, it's still a bargain at $150.00.

Mark Jones ~ Company Clerk


Simon Sez

Well Friends, 2014 is just about gone and it will soon be a brand new year. I can say I've been blessed with a great year; I have a wonderful wife who supports me and my ministry within Royal Rangers, and I have a great outpost that is an honor and blessing to be the OP Coordinator for, and I have a great job that allows me opportunity to serve in this ministry. I'm wrapping this year up by recovering at home with a brand new knee. It's not been much fun so far but recovery is coming along well and I expect to be at Winter Outing. My pard, "Hardtack" is in the same place I am, but I got a 3 week headstart; I'm sending you wishes for a quick and complete recovery, Cmdr Larry.

If you haven't heard yet, I have tendered my resignation as Chapter Scribe. Jim "Keeper" Haines has been appointed the position and I will pass the mantle at of the end of December. But don't fret your pretty little faces, I'm not going anywhere; I've been appointed as the Wilderness Rep. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my FCF Brothers and Royal Rangers Friends.

Rick "Simon Tanner" Dostal ~ Scribe


Historian's Report

Merry Christmas to the finest company of frontier men of God this side of the river Jordan, or any other river out there! This old timer sends greetings from the hospital where I had knee replacement surgery today. I have often wondered how many frontiersmen end up with worn out knees when they got older. A study of photographs of veterans of the Mexican War and other wars shows many of them hobbling on canes when they were old men. Some of us have had to get the worn out parts replaced recently, including Simon Tanner. God willing we will see y'all at Winter Outing next month. MERRY CHRISTMAS, and may God bless you beyond measure! 

Larry "Hardtack" Toll


Scout's Report

Hello to both you Old Timers and Young Bucks, it's been quite a year. Fun Winter Outings at each Division, a fun Spring Trace, a nice FCF camp at Pow Wow, Fall Trace was pretty sweet, and you can't forget National Rendezvous; this year was overall a success. So to all you rugged mountain men out there let's make this coming year an even better one. I know I'll be trying, with a full heat at that. I can't wait to serve not only as your Chapter Scout but as a fellow friend too.

Edward "Full Heart" Martinez Chapter Scout


Hello, my name is Manuel Elivo the new Assistant Scout for the South West Division. I'm glad to be the Assistant Scout because FCF and Royal Rangers are a big part of my life and this job just makes it better. I hope this is a good year and we can make a lot of things happen. Thank you.

Manuel "Smiling Fox" Elivo SW Div Asst Scout



I look forward to serving as the new Scribe for Daniel Boone Chapter.  I am humbled to have been chosen for this task and strive to do my best to fulfill the duties of my post.  I am excited to see what God brings for us in the year to come and hope to see everyone at the events next year.

Jim "Keeper" Haines Scribe 


Daniel Boone Sized News


Young Bucks:

Edward "Full Heart" Martinez ~ Scout

Manuel "Smiling Fox" Elivo ~ SW Asst Scout

Old Timers:

Jim "Keeper" Haines ~ Scribe

Keith "Running Fox" Prince ~ Buckskin Rep

Rick "Simon Tanner" Dostal ~ Wilderness Rep

Laurance "Little Buffalo" Brown ~ Field Advisor

Bob "Two Forks" Triphan ~ Rivermen Territorial Rep


I joined FCF last spring and have attended every event since. The frontier adventure was so fun and I never felt unwelcome. Choctaw was hard on us at times, but I knew he wanted me to pass. I'm glad my Commander drove me up from Arkansas. I cannot wait for the next outing so I can see my friends; Christian, Little Buffalo, and the guys from OP360. Thanks for making me welcome, I will be back.

                Johnathan Greenbaum (btw my FCF name is going to be "falls in the fire")          


When God Calls

Life for me before Christ was a world of sin, I guess you could say I woke up every morning to sin; that may be surprising to you but that is what sinners do.

During some financial problems we had to move to a place I could afford in Moriarty, NM. This house was set across a valley from East Mountain AG Church along with a moto-cross race track, which was in clear view of our back yard. 

I used to get up early on Sundays and watch the motorcycles race with my binoculars. I also watched the people go to and from the church. They always seemed happy and friendly with each other and weren't high or drunk. This began a draw in my spirit to fellowship with them, yet Sunday after Sunday I would sit and watch while drinking, well let's say beverages I don't drink anymore.

I would tell Tammy (my wife) that I would like to go to that church but again I would avoid going. Finally one Saturday we decided to go to church on Sunday, again I was planning to avoid going but..... Tammy was dressed and ready to go and said "she was going with or without me" and you know if Mama ain't happy nobody will be happy. So we went to church and started to learn about Jesus.

I recall Sister Cox our Sunday School teacher was teaching about tithing and giving; she was a very powerful teacher and she helped me to believe that I could not out give God. So in a prayer to God, I said, "OK, God you know my needs and I need food for my family," and proceeded to say, "let's see." Well I only had $28.00 so I gave $20.00 in the Sunday school offering but to be honest, I had my doubts.

Later we began the worship and to me it was amazing the way they sang' I never heard a church sing and worship in that manner. God began to work in my life.

And again the church worshipped with their giving. But all I had on me was $8.00 the Spirit drew me to give the rest. I prayed to God and said, "I need the $20.00 I had at home for gas to get to work." Reluctantly gave the rest of the money I had in my wallet.

After church I was one of the ones I was watching from my house it was a strange thought.  A man named Mark asked me if I was saved and I said to him. "I think so, I asked Jesus to forgive me." Tammy said if I was saved I wouldn't think so, I would know; I was a little confused, but that was the start of my journey.

The next day I was with my friend, Mike and we went to a house to smoke dope and drink whiskey; I guess that I wasn't saved after all.

Then something happened that totally blew me away, Mike asked me if I liked eggs, cereal, cheese, milk, juice, etc. I told him yes, and they put 5 bags of this stuff on the counter and I was in awe. I told Mike about the experience I had at church the day before and said maybe God used him to meet my need. We looked at each other and said, "naaaaaaa......."

When I got in the truck all by myself with all these groceries, I praised God for what He had done because I believed it was Him.

It did not stop there, later that week we got a phone call from Tammy's parents. They came to visit and wanted to know how to get to our house, when I answered the door my mother in law had a box of dented cans of food from the salvage store; I knew without a doubt it was God.

The church invited my kids to VBS so I would take them not knowing that they would invite me too but that day I was high and was embarrassed to be in Gods house in that condition, so I told them I would come the next day.

The theme was 'Christian Under Construction' and little did I know that God was beginning to build my foundation although I was not saved yet. The class was very interesting Sister Dyer was the teacher and she was speaking on the way we should live and I understood that was the way all those people lived. But I asked if what if you didn't live that way because I knew that I did not live that way. IT BECAME SO QUIET THAT YOU COULD HAVE HEARD A PIN DROP ON THE CARPET. Through Sister Dyer, God said, "I needed to learn how to live according to God's word and my house needed cleaning.

After VBS that night we went to get a snack with the people from the church. I had a great time without drinking or smoking this was a new experience for me, it was awesome. On the way home we got pulled over by a cop, when the officer was speaking to me about why he pulled me over I was holding out my chest with a 'Christian Under Construction' sticker hoping that I wouldn't get a ticket; but I did... LOL.

The next Sunday we went to church, they asked people to come and pour concrete the following Saturday so I figured there would be a lot of people to help but it was only the pastor, his friend that didn't go to church there and me. There was a lot of work to do and I wondered where everybody was; I didn't really understand. At the end of the day I was very tired but I wanted to go to a man's house (Toby's Sunday school teacher) named Mike Daniels; he had invited me to come by for coffee. This man impressed me because he had blue hands and he would raise them to God. You see he was a body and fender man who worked very hard and loved the Lord very much! I went to his house, he offered me a cup of coffee then we went to a junk yard to look for a part he needed. As we were driving he was telling me how he could never give his son to die for someone else. "I could have never done that myself." I told him. This conversation was so strong it convicted me knowing that I was a sinner. I asked God if he would have me here I am, and He saved me gloriously in a 67 dodge pickup in the middle of a junk yard named East Mountain Auto. When we got back to the shop I could barely walk, talk, breathe...... It was the best 'high' I had ever been on. He pulled out a Bible, blew off the dust, and proceeded to read Proverbs 3:5-6 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path" that was the first word God gave me and my new journey began. It still continues today......

Ted "Choctaw" King (My testimony)


National FCF Frontier Gazette

The National Rendezvous 2014 edition of the 'Frontier Gazette' is available for viewing and download, I printed a full copy for my personal review! This is a must see - Anthony "Black Hawk" Hubbard did a fantastic job on this one. Take note that some of the Daniel Boone Chapter members are in this issue because the were NATIONAL contest winners!!! And some others just because 'we' are photogenic.


Barter Bag

This is section is just for you. If you have anything to sell, trade, barter or you need something specific, send your info to the Scribe and get it published for all your fellow FCF members to see and help you get the plunder to make your outfit Buckskin Fancy!


Flintlock's Supply, it is best to contact Jerry Haines for all your trade goods before the next event and he will bring it to you!  816-525-7511 or


Other resources are also available on the National FCF Website:


Annual membership dues: 

Old Timers:                                                         $20.00 

Young Bucks:                                                     $10.00

Lifetime dues:                                                   $150.00

Trapper's Brigade pins ~


                Company Trapper,

                Free Trapper:                                    $10.00

Additional service numbers:                       $5.00

Buckskin Application:                                     $20.00

Wilderness Application:                                $30.00


FCF Calendar


Divisional Winter Outings                             1/23-24

Commanders Conf                                          4/17-18

FCF Membership apps due                          5/1

Chapter Spring Outing                                   5/15-16

Pow Wow                                                           6/4-7

Frontier Adventure                                         6/26-28

Fall Trace                                                             9/18-20

Territorial Rendezvous                                  10/22-25              (somewhere in Arkansas)


Daniel Boone Chapter FCF Staff Members

Chairman                             Jerry Millhouser               417-744-2280

President                            Fred Lipowicz                     816-863-0235

NW Vice President          Jerry Haines                       816-525-7511

SW Vice President           Frank Reed                         417-327-2812

NE Vice President            Ted King                               573-689-2294

SE Vice President             (vacant)

Scribe                                    Jim Haines                           816-808-1255

Company Clerk                 Mark Jones                         417-343-0463

Historian                              Larry Toll                              417-877-1656

Buckskin Rep                     Keith Prince                        816-456-7700

Wilderness Rep                Rick Dostal                          417-882-8283

Pathfinder Coord             Steve Copeland                417-924-8242

Field Advisor                      Laurance Brown               417-536-7733

Jr Field Advisor                  Edward Martinez             417-655-2963

Chapter Scout                   Edward Martinez             417-655-2963

SW Asst. Scout                  Manuel Elivo                      417-655-5199    

NE Asst. Scout                   (to be announced)                         

SE Asst. Scout                    (to be announced)

NW Asst. Scout                 (to be announced)