WORLD MISSIONARIES are listed below. 

Click HERE for a list of our current ITINERATING missionaries. 


  NOTE: Personnel in sensitive areas are not listed. 



    John and Daralena Bean - Slovakia 

    Bob and Jackie Braswell -  South Africa

    Berry and Tracey Brown - Togo

    Terry and Babs Castleberry - Belize

    Delta Cavner - Ethiopia

    Norried and Doris Chaisson - Marshall Islands

    Doug Corbett - Healthcare Ministries

    James and Rachael Courter - Haiti

    Richard and Deborah Crabb - Germany

    Aaron & Julie Davis - Compassion Link

    Carrol and Gayle Deal - Central Africa

    Peter and Rachel Dell - Network 211

    Benny and Sherri Ferguson - AGWM General

    Dean and Peggy Galyen - Zimbabwe

    Shawn and Debbie Galyen - Spain

    David & Kelly Godzwa - Mexico

    Justin and Liz Hansen - Thailand

    David and Zenetta Hewkin - Croatia

    Gary & Cindy Higgins - Latin America 

    Rose Hinton - Caring Connection

    Melvin and Louise Ho - Netherlands

    Jayne and Mark Hollis - England

    David and Christy Hunt - Aruba

    Ryan and Amy Jacobs - Malawi, Africa

    Tim and Joyce Jarvis - Africa's Hope

    Kirk and Yvonne Jones - Panama

    Brant & Joanne Jordan - Sierra Leone

    Tim & Jenny Land - Cameroon

    Mary  and Guillermo Landa - Mexico

    Josh & Carmen Lovelace - Cambodia

    Doug and Kerry Marsh - Royal Rangers International

    Lloyd and Ana Marsh, Jr. - Chile

    Rebeckah Moore - Democratic Republic Congo

    Sam & Lisa Paris - Vanuatu

    Phil and Kim Rojak - Papua New Guinea

    Anthony and Sueann Rybarczyk - Russia/CIS

    Ivagene Shive - Peru/Wycliff

    David and Rebecca Smith - Kenya

     Andre'a and Darla Snavely - Africa

     Stephen and Kim Sobey - Nicaragua

     Eric and Amy Spencer - Congo, Africa

     Tim and Kristy Teague - Cote D Ivoire, Africa

     Nathan and Jennifer Thomas - Vanuatu

     Mary Beth Thoms - Belgium

     Mark and Victoria Turney - Togo

     Russ and Patsy Turney - Asia Pacific

     Fredy and Terisa Vasquez - Paraguay

     Mark and Lydie Verslues - Democratic Republic Congo  

     Bryan and Renee Webb - Vanuatu



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