Herman Ostry bought a piece of land with a barn near a creek in Bruno, Nebraska.  A flood put 29" of water into the barn, and he wanted to move it to higher ground.  One if his sons estimated the barn weighed 19,000 lbs (9 ½ tons).  Figured it would take (344) people with each person lifting 55 lbs. to move barn.  They made a grid of steel tubing with handles attached to the barn so each could lift. 


The town of Bruno, Nebraska planned this move as a part of their centennial celebration July 29-31, 1988.  Local television cameras and 4,000 people from eleven states watched.   The project took 20 minutes as 344 people moved the barn 50 yards. 


This shows the power of teamwork.  What one could not do alone, many working together did.


 "Just like the folks in Bruno, Nebraska, if we all lift together great things can and will happen. If 344 can give an old barn a lift, then imagine what the Lord can do through our 366 churches of the Southern Missouri District"


Sending Missionaries is a lot like moving a barn...it takes team work.  If everyone will do something, even if is no more than $1 a month for each new missionary, we will make a difference in a lost world.  We need every person and every church to grab a handle and "lift."




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A video of the actual event is on YouTube.