The Southern Missouri District  Missions Department

provides the following:



Ø      Processing of new candidate missionaries



Ø      Promotes Southern Missouri missionaries



Ø      Conducts missions conventions



Ø      Provides training for missionaries, pastors, missions committees and congregations



Ø      Coordinates Prayer Task Force trips and missions construction trips



Ø      Offers news and updates through the department newsletter, District Messenger and other mailings



Ø      Communicates prayer requests and important information to/for missionaries



Ø      Partners with Church Planting, Community Outreach and Rural Compassion in local communities



Ø      Update information about pastoral changes and other news to our missionaries



Ø      Coordinate with AGWM and AGUSM on applications for short-terms mission trips, Missionary Associates, etc.



Ø      Maintain and update resources of information, PowerPoint presentations, documents, statistics and events on district website  www.somoag.org



Ø      Work closely with the national Missions Awareness Team