2017 Girls Ministries Calendar



                                                          March 10                       1st Quarter Report Due


                                                          March 11                          SE Flawless Spring Tour Malden,Missouri


                                                          March 18                          NE Flawless Spring Tour St.James,Missouri


                                                          March 25                          SW Flawless Spring Tour Nixa,Missouri


                                                          March 31 & April 1            Women & Girls Ministries Spring Leadership Conf.


                                                          April 8                                NW Flawless Spring Tour Kansas City Missouri


                                                         June 9                                2nd Quarter Report Due


                                                         August 18 & 19                  Girls Ministries Sectional Rep Meeting


                                                         September 1                      Girls Ministries Charters/Celebration App. Deadline


                                                         September 8                     Girls Ministries 3rd Quarter Report Due


                                                         September 17-22               National Girls Ministries Week


                                                         September 22-23               National Girls Ministries Sleepover


                                                         October 14                          District Girls Ministries Celebration


                                                         December 8                       4th Quarter Report Due


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                                                                                                               Coins for Kids Project
                                                                                                               District Celebration
                                                                                                               Spring Tour