September 2017: Celebration month of 75 years of powerful Spirit filled ministry at our District campground!


    We Believe: Each church will give a minimum of $75 towards the completion of the campus-wide facelift.


    Additional Giving: Churches that are able are encouraged to set additional giving goals of $750 or even $7,500.



    A Pillar of Our Spiritual Heritage over 75 Years

    In the early 1930’s, the land at Cross Pointe was a farm and had an old two-story frame farmhouse on the property. A family lived there, including their grandmother, a dear praying saint named Vera Wroten. Her prayer closet was her bedroom. This precious lady spent countless hours in the presence of God communing with Him and interceding for others. Vera’s family has told how she would pray in tongues for hours. One day God spoke to her in a special way. She excitedly shared with her family that God had shown her that on this farmland, the gospel of Jesus Christ would be shared with thousands of young people and they would be touched by the power of God.

    Roger Perkins father, Noel, accompanied Superintendent Ralph M. Riggs, Pastor A.A. Wilson, Pastor “Pop” Sanders, and Pastor M.M. Brewer to look at this location as a permanent place to have Camp Meetings.

    In October of 1941, they purchased the land now known as Cross Pointe Camp & Retreat Center, for $2,000. The speaker at the first camp meeting was Pastor A.A. Wilson. At the meeting, many were saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, and called to spread the Gospel. Roger Perkin attended one of the first camp meetings.

    These camp meetings continued until 1998, when the annual 50 Plus Camp Meeting was established. Youth and Boys & Girls Camps began soon after the first Camp Meeting. Today, a variety of Retreats, Conferences, Camps and Getaways are held at Cross Pointe Camp & Retreat Center. 

    Read more about our history here and see how you can book your conference, retreat, or seminar at Cross Pointe Camp and Retreat Center.

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