The first time you prepare for Kids Camp can be a little daunting.  Even as a returning leader going to camp each year is an adventure.  Sometimes hectic and yet so rewarding; this week begins way before the kids arrive to load luggage and vans for a trip to Rocky Mount, Missouri.  To be a help, I would like to walk you through this process from beginning to end.  If any of you experienced camp leaders out there are reading this, you can be a help too by emailing me things to add. 

Here is a list of what I would do to get started:

  1. Secure camp info from the district office.  The District Office in Springfield sends out two mailings. One in January and one in April.  Expect your first packet for the 2012 Camp season in February.  They include everything you need to get started.  If you need one sooner you can open and print copies of everything in the packet from this websiteIncluded in each packet are Camper applications, staff apps, info/tips, church registration, preparations list, camp dress code, what to bring, camp costs, lice check list, t-shirt offers, and camp theme. Packets are mailed to the A/G churches in Southern Missouri.  If you want one mailed to you personally or to your non SoMo A/G church you may call or email me. 

Jim Calvin/417-881-1316 or

  1. Post camp flyer and stir up interest in camp by showing the video and making announcements and giving parents take home papers. Remember you are the key to getting kids to camp. If you get excited and get kids excited, parents will join your passion and you will be a great spiritual champion for doing so!
  2. Estimate the number of Campers you will have and send in Church preregistration for your preferred week.  Choose a 2nd and 3rd choice if camps are getting full.  Look at "Church Reg" to get a good idea which camps are close to being full. This is a requirement for the 2012 Camp Season, we must receive your Church Registration form ASAP to reserve your desired week.
  3. Choose your staff workers.  You will want to hand pick your counselors.  You will also want to get some parents involved so their kids will come and so you will have more help on the way and back.  Send in your Staff apps as soon as possible.  Camp will fill with staff by the middle of May. See "Staff Assignments" for a list of positions already filled. Check Left Navigation menu and submenu for your camp staff list.  All staff need to read the Camp Handbook to be prepared for their week at camp and to know what will be expected of them.
  4. Start asking your pastor for a time in the service for a short promotion for kids, parents, staff and sponsors.  Sponsors are those who would pay a child's way to camp if asked.  Take a camp offering and show a DVD of camp.  We can provide this for those who do not have their own from the previous year. A long 25 minute version is available in 5 minute daily highlights for your children's church or if you want a month of Church announcements! Email the district office for one of these to be mailed at no charge.
  5. Secure transportation for campers and for all staff--keep a copy of staff forms, and background checks, and a list for children going to camp. Keep a running total of boys and girls who are going to ride the church vehicles to camp. (Remember to plan for luggage and bedding.)
  6. Have a nurse or lice check person to come to the church early on Monday or possible the Sunday before camp to check each child.  We have a "No Nit" policy and children will not be given housing until they are checked  and  are clear of lice. (Sunday would give parents an opportunity to treat the lice and be ready for camp on Monday) 
  7. Distribute and collect all camper apps. Send all camper apps and additional preregistration by the application deadline- 4 weeks before the camp you plan to attend.  You must pay an additional $25 per camper if you send applications past this deadline.
  8. Prepare a note to distribute for parents.  It includes time of departure, sack lunch or lunch money needed for Monday and Friday. Include time of arrival back at the church on Friday.  (If anyone is picking up child at the campgrounds make sure they know dismissal is at 10:30 am on Friday and they are authorized to transport.) 
  9. Skip Registration! To make camp registration go smoother, pay balance due, (full registration of $140 per camper) post marked at least 7 days before your camp.
  10. This about does it for prep before camp. The list continues below the table with info about what to expect when you drive up and start camp.

Camp Preperations List

  What to bring

  Lice Check Prep

Lunch on Monday  

Counselors and groups

  Map to camp


Rules of Conduct

Housing Costs

Lunch on Friday  


 What if a preregistered child does not come?

  Can parents visit?

Can I send a cell phone with my child?


  Candy Fundraiser

  This page is for new attendees to our Southern Missouri Kids Camp.  Or you may need a refresher.  This will be added regularly as we think of more things that are of interest to Kids Camp leaders, campers, parents, pastors, and workers.  Send your suggestions of info needed by email.  If you need it, more than likely others need the info too!

  1. After you arrive at Kids Camp you will be stopped on the road and asked these questions. 1) Do you have a lice check? 2) Are you paid in full with no balance due? 3)Do you have any questions I can answer?  If lice check is completed you proceed to step two. If you are paid with no balance due you may be given directions to the boys and girls housing along with the staff registration location. If lice check is not done you proceed to the gym for a lice check of all kids. Cost is $2 per child, paid by cash or check to the nurse. If you do have the lice check but not paid in full, you will be given directions to the camper registration and the staff registration.  No housing assign-ments will be given until you do steps one and two.  Campers may play in the gym while staff and workers register.  It would be wise to leave some adults to help supervise kids in gym.  We do provide rec workers to supervise, but your people can lend a helping hand and keep problems to a minimum.
  2. Once you get a housing assignment for your girls and boys you may unload their luggage at the correct dorm.  Suggestion, have all your luggage unloaded by the girls assigned dorm.  This will let the boys grab their stuff and hand carry or roll it to their dorm and leave the girls stuff close. Many times boys will return in a few minutes for things they left, like a pillow or sleeping bag. If you have a small group you may be able to unload boys then girls close to each of their dorms. Ask boys and girls to see the number of the building and letter of dorm. (They will need to remember this and the location of their room.)
  3. Keep a counselor, (if you brought one or two) with the kids as they take luggage to dorms.  Campers are to be supervised by the church leaders in the dorms and around the camp until they are seated in the chapel for Orientation at 2pm.
  4. Have everyone, staff, counselors, and campers attend the Orientation meeting at 2:00 pm in the chapel After orientation campers will meet and connect with their assigned counselor. (Many times this is the counselor you sent from your church to be your kid's counselor.) Counselors and staff will meet their supervisors and be given directions from there what to do next.  Be ready to ask questions if you are new to Kids Camp.
  5. You are on your way to a great week.  This is the beginning of a powerful relationship with people, places, and the Spiritual Party we call KIDS CAMP!