13 Qualities of a Church Planter

1. Visioning Capacity - Can see God's preferred future for    the new church and the community.


2. Intrinsically Motivated - Is a self-starter. Manages time effectively.


3. Creates Ownership Of Ministry - Is able to get others to "buy" into the vision.


4. Relates To The Unchurched - Is comfortable being around pre-Christian people.


5. Spousal Cooperation - The spouse supports and participates in the church plant.


6. Effectively Builds Relationships - Is a relational person who builds friendships easily and encourages others to do the same.


7. Committed To Church Growth - Pushes through the natural barriers to church growth.


8. Responsive To The Community - designs ministries that fit the community and mission of the church plant.


9. Utilizes Giftedness Of Others - understands how to help people identify their gifts and release them to use their gifts in unique ministries.


10. Flexible And Adaptable - Is comfortable with change. Can switch gears easily to adjust to change or take advantage of opportunities.


11. Builds Group Cohesiveness - understands people and knows how to get them to pull together as a team.


12. Resilient - Not Easily Discouraged - Is emotionally and psychologically strong. Is not overwhelmed by criticism or setbacks..


13. Exercises Faith - Has a consistent walk with God and trusts God to provide the resources and personnel for the church plant.