* Itinerating missionaries           ** Itinerating candidate missionaries

    Bryan and Cecile Ames - Chi Alpha
    Kent and Judy Anderson - Rural Compassion
    Andrew and Sheri Austin - Church Planters
    Kevin and Karla Babin - Deaf Culture Ministries

    Michael and Pamela Berkowitz - Chi Alpha

    Jennifer Smith Bernhard  - Chi Alpha

    Lattis and Sharlotte Campbell - Alaska

    Clinton & Jane Caszatt - Specialized Chaplaincy

    Stefanie Chappell - Chi Alpha

** Greg & Rachelle Colegrove - Rural Compassion

    James and Judy Collier - Institutional Chaplain

    Daniel and Iris Cox - Chi Alpha

    Glen and Paula Davis - Chi Alpha

    Steve and Rebecca Donaldson - Rural Compassion

    Gary and Martha Ellsworth - Community Outreach

    Mike and Nancy Ferguson - Kid Care America

    David and Sherri Godbout - Church Planting

    Jim and Betty Hall - Urban Ministries

    John & Judy Heide - Senior Adult

    Matt & Tracy Herman - Chi Alpha

    Leighton & Sue Jones - Church Health

    Brad and Kari Keller - Youth Alive

    C. R. and Paula Kersten - Teen Challenge

Kc and Diane Kopaska - Native American

    Daran & Noreen Lemon - Chi Alpha

    James & Kathie Lowans - Teen Challenge

    Severin and Khristina Lwali - Chi Alpha

    John and Rana Maracle - Native American

  * Carl and Mari Miller - Church Planting 

    Eric and Leila Ojala - Church Planting

    David and Brenda Pantleo - Chaplaincy

   Cosmo and Rivkah Panzetta - Jewish Ministries

**Eric  and Trish Porter -   Chaplaincy

    Steve and Melissa Pulis - Youth Alive

    Tom and Jenny Ragsdell - Church Planting 

    Henry and Yong Reiber - Church Planters & Developers

    Doyle and Karen Robinson - Church Planting

    Tim and Darlene Robison - US Missions General

    Paul and Linda Scholtz - Rodeo Ministry

    Jack and Beverly Smart - Teen Challenge

   Thomas and Melissa Trask II - Chi Alpha

    Paul and Andrea Valerius - Urban Ministries

    Kelly and Alisa Ward - Rural Compassion

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